Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who We Are

25 years of experience allows South Charlotte Mobile Massage to offer a money-back guarantee.

I'm Ricky Prevatte, owner and operator of South Charlotte Mobile Massage.

Let me quickly tell you what makes me different from others in my profession: I’m totally blind. My massage treatments are life-changing. And I love what I do. My primary goal is to help people become pain-free and to watch my clients regain their lives. My focus is on you.

There are plenty of “one size fits all” massages available. Our profession is growing, and there are increasingly more “fast food” massage services around. There’s nothing wrong in choosing to partake in that type of massage. But if you need more from your massage, I will proudly offer to you what I favor so highly (even for myself), and you can dine at the Ritz and receive the results you would expect from that type of establishment. Please understand the art of healing can vary from one end of the spectrum to the other - from utterly mediocre to extremely powerful. I am not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose. But I am so blessed that my powerful results are sought by doctors. More than half of my massage clientele is doctor referred, and I am honored that those doctors respect my judgment and care enough to put you under my hands.

Our pricing system is simple. We sell one hour, 90 minute and two hour massage sessions. We do sell packages allowing you to purchase multiple hours of treatment to use over time at a discount. You tell me what you want from a massage and I’ll tell you what I have to best help you in your situation. We offer no tricks or gimmicks to get you in the door – just good service and 25 years experience. It’s your body.